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Risks and challenges
"Risks and challenges

We have most of Developer Release 1 done. It'll include a starter version of our user experience and should work on all 25 devices we listed in the initial supported device list.

The Console OS Pro feature set is largely what funds will go toward (in addition to expanding device support, based largely on Kickstarter backer votes).

We expect Console OS (Pro) 1.0 around December, 2014. We can't promise each and every device/feature/item will make the cut, as with any operating system, some features will get added, and some delayed.

We hope that ecosystem players (here's looking at you, Google) embrace and support our innovation. We don't expect too much push back, but it is a potential risk when doing anything with Android. The beauty of Console OS being so disruptive, is there's potential for all kinds of interesting relationships.

A lot of people ask about Android and Chrome OS™. We think native Android will be totally awesome even if the two were to merge. If something crazy like that were to happen (and Google has said it won't), our feature set may change - but it won't hurt our efforts.

More generally, however, major changes to Android may cause us to have to rewrite portions of our code. We're ready for that.

Finally, as to open-source challenges, we plan to contribute all direct AOSP improvements back to AOSP. How much of that Google will accept or allow us to submit, is up to Google, not us.

Console OS is an operating system - the contents and features of which may change, shift, or move around the cabin during delivery."
(way at the bottom of the page)

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