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Additional refunds
I have received a refund yesterday. It appears he is trying to pay off all the agitators. Bankruptcy here we come  Wink
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@pk you gotta put that up on KS. It will start the process rolling.
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(02-24-2016, 07:10 PM)pk1967 Wrote: I have received a refund yesterday. It appears he is trying to pay off all the agitators. Bankruptcy here we come  Wink

I don't think paying a couple of hundred dollars is bankruptcy.  He got that much from selling a Keurig Cold on ebay.   He needs to return ALL of the money.  His finances need to be gone into to find out where the money went. This was a scam from the start. I think that Kickstarter is afraid of banning people because once they do, they will be complicit in CP's fraud.  If they do, that could be grounds to go after Kickstarter. Also, his refunding of backers is probably to prevent a rightful lawsuit. I sent this to Kickstarter--will let you know what their response if any is:

"It has come to my attention that Christopher Price the project creator of the Console OS project is refunding money to a select group of backers who have been exposing Christopher Price's fraud committed on your Kickstarter platform. The purpose of the refunds is to ban the backers once they get their refunds. How can you be complicit in Chris Price's 78,000 fraud committed against thousands of backers? Are you going to allow backers to continue to illuminate the fraud or will you ban these backers? You need to step it up Kickstarter and show that you care for the community. How can you sit by and watch as Christopher Price perpetrates this scam?"
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I can't post on the KS forums (account under review). Whoever can, could you please let the rest of the Backers know. I should be back in action on the 2nd March
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(02-24-2016, 07:47 PM)pk1967 Wrote: I can't post on the KS forums (account under review). Whoever can, could you please let the rest of the Backers know.

Also, whoever posts please ask for a changelog in the Console OS Lollipop download that points out the unique additions over-and-beyond that of a standard Android-x86 build. But of course, there's nothing.
Christopher Price Wrote:We're not going to ask our teammates in Europe to burn midnight oil to ship source code this weekend. Some cannot even leave their homes, and are under curfew. France is in a state of emergency.

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Yeah, Kickstarter's support is absolutely useless. I've gotten the same line about the Integrity team, and when I ask to be connected with a member of that team they just... don't respond.
Is there a way to message backers on KS?
@pk1976 - congrats in getting a refund! i really hope other backers see this and more start demanding it. i think miker1029 is right that there may be a lot of backers who gave up or forgot or just don't want to post and if that's the case then there is no way for us to help them on the comment wall. hopefully they will find other means on their own. but to those who are still following the project, they need to speak up and demand a refund. i'm pretty sure at least some of the 'majestic 13' are itching to call him out on the comment wall but we know that the best way to help the other backers is to stay quiet on there and not give him an excuse to delay. but we are being vocal here and on other areas of the net. the pathetic mr price's a$$ is burning up and the fire is getting bigger and bigger. what little integrity he had is gone. no one in the community will ever take him seriously so it's about time he found a job doing what he does best... shoveling sh!t LOL!

Kickstarter just facilitates the transaction between the creators and the backers.  They take their cut and are pretty much out of it, except for moderating the comment wall. 

They have written all the T&C so that they aren't in anyway responsible and have no authority once a project gets funded to do... just about anything.   Any legal action from that point forward is put upon the backers and/or authorities they can muster.  CP likes to talk about how the Kickstarter Integrity Team approves of his 'new path forward.', which is standard CP obfuscation.  
They really don't care and have no legal authority even if they did.    

It's really a BS cop out, IMHO, and I won't be playing the Kickstarter game ever again.  Lesson learned, thanks!

tbltsx86 added some links that provide more info in this thread.
wow that really sucks! i don't plan to support any crowdfunding project again either. it's totally a$$ backwards that the project creator has more protection then the backers supporting them. shame on you kickstarter.
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