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Backer Plus
Oh,  let us not forget about the Backer Plus for those of us idiots who increased their losses...  I mean pledges from $10 to $25 or beyond.  

As called out in Backer Update #10

Mobile Media Ventures Wrote:1) One Month of Spotify Premium - available via the Amazon Appstore (Spotify's already working great on Console OS, by the way!)
2) An autographed pre-launch handout - same ones we gave out at the GDC, and at the Intel booth at AnDevCon Boston
3) A nifty Console OS laptop skin / bumper sticker

Pre-production Backer Plus Skin / Bumper Sticker
We realize this isn't necessarily $15 worth of goodies, but that isn't the point.

I can't wait to tribute that autographed pre-launch handout.

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