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The Questions Thread (aka How to Become a Troll and Get a Refund)
Let's start a resource for backers who still haven't gotten a refund and would like one. From what I've observed of the Kickstarter moderation, they don't remove questions or (polite) disagreement. They only seem to remove duplicate posts, stuff that uses "bad language" or uses real names of "team members". I'm sure Christopher has tired out his little fingers reporting posts for removal, but he has succeeded in getting very little removed.

So let's start a thread of questions to ask Christopher. Don't ask all the questions at the same time and don't expect any (real) answers, but be polite, be persistent, and perhaps you too can become a troll and get a refund! As a bonus, Christopher may accuse you of "harassment" and violating the "community guidelines".


The Team
  • How many people work on ConsoleOS?
  • How many are in Paris?

  • What were some of the "Over 100 new features built-in already" link
  • What are any new features that the ConsoleOS team have added to either Android-IA or Android-x86?
  • What is the status on the ConsoleOS Pro features, including, WindowFlinger (A true window manager for Android), InstaSwitch, Console Remote Access, Native DVR support, Built-in media serving (UPnP and DLNA), Console Files, and Console Maps Pro? Why are these "Pro" features delayed/cancelled by a kernel change?
  • How *exactly* were backer funds spent?

Post more questions, and I'll edit them in. Let's try to keep it fair (no when did you stop beating your wife? questions), because Christopher has given us more than enough material to work with!
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When will I receive my pre-release flyer, laptop skin, Spotify membership, or $1,000+ ultrabook with Console OS Pro installed on it?
Christopher Price Wrote:We're not going to ask our teammates in Europe to burn midnight oil to ship source code this weekend. Some cannot even leave their homes, and are under curfew. France is in a state of emergency.

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- If you have answered all these questions already, why not update the KS FAQ with all answers for everyone to see?
- When will rewards ship?
- What features are specifically not developed by Intel or Android X86?
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(03-06-2016, 10:54 PM)sortan Wrote: ...
So let's start a thread of questions to ask Christopher. 

Great idea, sortan!

Kickstarter Campaign
  • Specifically, what sentence in the Risks section indicates that the continued development of Intel's Android-IA project was a dependency? The phrase "stated risk" is uttered over and over again, but where exactly was this risk stated?
  • Hardware voting was mentioned during the campaign, but where is the text indicating that the project would be rebased on the then unannounced Android L release (or perpetually, for that matter), based on the unrevealed results of Backer votes?
  • Understandably, the feature set may and could be modified, but were we to understand that the entirety of the PRO feature set was to be dropped?
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Who EXACTLY are all these industry partners you mention and why, after almost two years, has there been no official announcement of partnership from them or you?

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