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Something a little different...the Coleco Chameleon
I thought you guys might like this one if you've not seen it, the project has been in the headlines as Coleco have pulled the plug on it but the story behind it is hilarious:

The final comment is particularly apt for Console OS:

Quote:The moral of this story: Never, EVER try to hoodwink, cheat or lie to a bunch of nerds and geeks with enough technical knowledge to call you out on it.
…And the press are brainless morons who can never be bothered to fact check.

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That's why I sent Lon a request to do a video on ConOS, because he covered the situation you just hinted to.
Christopher Price Wrote:We're not going to ask our teammates in Europe to burn midnight oil to ship source code this weekend. Some cannot even leave their homes, and are under curfew. France is in a state of emergency.

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Wow. That story and this Console OS Kickstarter experience has been a life lesson for me. I thought that swindlers would back off in shame if confronted, but they just appear to double down. Incredible. And instructional.
Was funny to watch the videos about this guy.

Well, it reminded me a lot of C.P.
Another amusing one this time a failure on Steam greenlight:

The game was claimed to be the hardest game on Steam and sure enough no-one could get past the first level but then people started digging a little further and noticed that the developer was the only person to make it past the first level but even he hadn't made it beyond level four. Then looking at the game files it was clear the different levels were actually exactly the same file copied several times. Meanwhile the developer had been complaining about how the Steam refund policy was ruining his sales and had made a sly attempt to keep people playing in claiming that the trading cards had hints for the levels but you had to play the game for over two hours to unlock the first card taking players past the time they could get a refund from Steam. The developer also claimed the lack of levels was a bug that he would fix but unsurprisingly never did.

Once the game was broken down it turned out it was simply an off the shelf map the developer had purchased and the only mechanic in the single level of the game was to turn lamps on or off, there were no other mechanics or levels. Steam took their time but did eventually refund everyone.

I'll add another one to the list: the Saygus V Squared
(04-02-2016, 04:36 AM)xxlariusxx Wrote: I'll add another one to the list: the Saygus V Squared

Thanks, hadn't seen that one so will have a look.

I noticed this new one on Kickstarter for a bike which has shot way over its $50,000 goal to over a million dollars in the few days it's been up:

What stands out about this one is that it's insanely cheap, their pro bike for £1400 uses one of the most expensive groupsets which has an rrp of £2000 and can be had for around £900 as a good deal. Carbon anything on a bike is pricey never mind an aero carbon frame with integrated smart technology so offering a bike with such an expensive groupset plus carbon frame, carbon bars and carbon wheels for so little seems infeasible particularly given their original target was so low which wouldn't give any chance of massive bulk purchases to get the price low. It's also questionable to put all the names of different sites to imply endorsement of the product when all they've done is pretty much said there's a kickstarter for the bike, they've not ridden or tested the bike.

I could be overly sceptical and a lot of people are going to get a bargain but even then I'm surprised there's not much suspicion or questioning how they can get the bike so much cheaper than even the budget outlets, the comments on KS are mainly about geometry and sizing and the articles about the bike are reporting the details of the bike but also no comments about how they are getting the bike so cheap.
I believe that Kickstarter is culpable and aware of the consumer fleecing marketplace they have enabled.  And they make money off it.  After the Console OS/Mobile Media Ventures experience, every time it comes up, I relate the story... that all you are paying for is the project write up, with no consideration of any product or service actually being delivered.  If you are good with that, great.  For me, never again.
That's the problem - Kickstarter make money regardless if the project is successful or not and they make far more money on big projects despite the fact they do no more. As there's more failures people are going to go off Kickstarter as they realise Kickstarter offers no protection (ConsoleOS demonstrates that so well given there's no indication nothing was ever done for the project and the creator walked away with a tidy 80K) although it seems to be happening very slowly. I've been surprised that in all the reporting on that bike above despite the fact the cost is far, far below even the very cheapest bikes of that type, the company has no previous products released never mind a complex aero carbon bike, the quality of carbon is very important and extremely dangerous if not done properly, there's no prototype for reviewers to try (despite the Kickstarter putting logos and quotes from bike sites to imply endorsement) and the simplest fact that if the project fails, that's backers' two thousand dollars down the pan, there's been no warnings or anything on these articles.

On the Kickstarter page itself people are primarily discussing the geometry and colour of the bike, envisioning the worst that happens is the don't like the bike frame which is fine as they can change the parts to another bike which is still far cheaper than buying the parts. My skepticism may be misguided and the project will be successful but there's so may red flags that you'd think sites would be advising caution but apparently not and it seems when people see what they perceive as a bargain they hop straight in.

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I see Coolest seem to be digging themselves into a very deep hole - initially when they has trouble they sold to retail first to raise the money so they could ship the units backers had paid for. Now after that they're still short of money so now they're asking bakers to pay an additional eighty dollars which apparently is a bonus as it's still under the retail price

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