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Something a little different...the Coleco Chameleon
(04-13-2016, 06:15 PM)JohnMcL7 Wrote: I see Coolest seem to be digging themselves into a very deep hole - initially when they has trouble they sold to retail first to raise the money so they could ship the units backers had paid for. Now after that they're still short of money so now they're asking bakers to pay an additional eighty dollars which apparently is a bonus as it's still under the retail price

I looked at it briefly and this seems to be a case of mismanagement / being over ambitious. and inexperienced (99% of all Kickstarters I'd wager). The thing with Christopher Price and Console OS was that it was outright fraud from the beginning. He had no intention or capability to deliver on any of his grandiose promises, which makes it far worse which is compounded by his narcissistic delusions.
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Agreed, wasn't suggesting this was the same as Console os and I'm sorry to see it's gone wrong for them but it does represent the other types of kickstarter problems that such a project needs a variety of skills the creator may not have.
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