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"Lollipop, The Roadmap, Physical Goods, and What's Next", A Translation
Christopher Price Wrote:Lollipop, The Roadmap, Physical Goods, and What's Next

Hi all, it's time for an update!

First, in case you haven't been glued to our comment wall, we started posting Console OS Lollipop a couple or so weeks back. You can log in and download it right now, if you're a Kickstarter backer.

It's important to note that Console OS Lollipop, is a complete reboot of the project. Under our new path forward, we are forking the Android-x86 source code, and delivering a free, open-source software alternative to rival closed-source distributions that have followed in our footsteps.

And, we've open-sourced the full stack... something that some of our competitors, using the same kernel have not done.

Of course, I only made it open to Kickstarter backers and did my best to not even post an update to try and ensure people did not even find out about it - including removing access for backers who would point out that this 'release' includes none of my own work. It's important to understand that being free and open source is now important to this project (that originally secretly tried to sell something that people could already download for free) because it's not very difficult to open-source a line-for-line copy of someone else's open source project. Of course, it's the full stack that is open source, until you ask me to point out just what it is that I've developed - it's at that point that I tell you those parts are closed source and cannot be disclosed due to non-disclosure agreements with imaginary industry partners.

Christopher Price Wrote:What to Expect from Lollipop
Our favorite new feature, is the Console OS Express releases. These are, by far, the easiest-to-install distributions of the Android operating system yet. Just copy to a FAT-formatted flash drive, and reboot off of it. That's it!
Unlike other "live" distributions, there's no additional work required. You have a portable, and fully writable, installation of Android for your PC. It takes more bandwidth on our end, but we think it's well worth it.
Some PCs may need UEFI Secure Boot disabled, particularly those that shipped with Windows. And, the same general hardware support requirements apply - which is that Intel-clean systems work best.
We do hope to begin code-signing Console OS for UEFI Secure Boot in the near future, which will remove that step.
NVIDIA and AMD systems, however, remain not supported. We welcome the statements that AMD and NVIDIA have made over the past year, committing to supporting the very features that we need from their open-source driver stacks. But, they just haven't matured enough to take on Android. We hope to continue our ongoing dialogue with AMD on this subject, and start a new one with NVIDIA.

This is where I use a lot more words than necessary to tell you that the only thing I've done to Android-x86 is compile it. Also, some more meaningless references to ongoing dialogue with industry partners that will never be detailed or confirmed.

Christopher Price Wrote:The general public will get access to Console OS Lollipop just one short week from today.We expect to have an updated release available around then - one that will fix a couple key bugs, and add a couple key features. As promised in the original Kickstarter campaign, we'll continue to tap Kickstarter backers as the first wave of early access testers.

Unfortunately due to an NDA, I can't tell you how long a Christopher Price 'short week' is in real time. Kickstarter backers who make up the first wave of early access testers amounted to a single person on my forum who noted that opening any applications caused the OS to crash. Unfortunately, his post was difficult to locate because the forums (you backers paid for) is actually 99% spam - luckily for you, I was able to inflate this single installation to "privately received ... massive support" when I referenced it on the Kickstarter comment wall.

Christopher Price Wrote:Mopping Up
We have more work to do. Some things like the loss of Android-IA for PC were simply unforeseeable, and unavoidable. But, we can do better.
One area that we didn't hit the mark on was Console Developer Rewards. We're sorry for that - and we're going to outline what we're doing to make it right. We met our self-imposted timetable to post terms, but we didn't give people enough time for feedback, and to properly inform the projects we plan to support. 
While we're setting up - you can read the terms under the original update. Fortunately, the feedback we've gotten is pretty positive. We have 2-in-1's, Core i5 build servers, and even Compute Sticks ready to give away in our first month.
We're moving back the first month of Console Developer Rewards to March 21, a week from today. This will give us time to have everything in-place and do it correctly.

The loss of Android-IA was unforeseeable, especially to my backers since I never actually told them it was Console OS in all but name - its demise was slightly less unforeseeable by those predicting its demise due to a lack of willingness by Google and Microsoft to support dual-booting. It was also totally unavoidable unless you consider that I found out three days after funding was green-lit and so could have just come clean and refunded people. But what I actually did was change my story to say that I didn't find out until over 60 days later which then recently changed to me being gagged by yet another non-existent NDA.

Console Developer Rewards was just some time-buying farce where I thought by some miracle I could get people to code my project for me since Intel dropped the first project I stole and Android-x86 abandoned their Lollipop build, the target of my next theft. I could've happily forgotten about and ignored this nonsense update until a single person on Twitter chased me up on it - this gave me chance to write a whole load of even more meaningless spraff that will no doubt amount to nothing once again. Somehow, even though I wrote in early January that it would roll out next month, another update of outlining and empty promises in March constitutes meeting my own "self-imposted" target.

Christopher Price Wrote:Also, on physical goods - shipping Console OS Lollipop is an important next step. As soon as we heard that Android-IA for PC was on troubled waters, we announced we were delaying the shipment of physical goods. Frankly, until we shipped Lollipop - we would rather have refunded people for the physical goods, than ship a laptop sticker for something that didn't pan out.
Now that Console OS is back in action, we're going to start providing regular updates. Some things like the most-major perks will ship rather immediately. Laptop skins, will take the next month or so, as we have to re-select vendors and get proofs, approve them, and then take on the logistics of shipping them. We only have a few hundred physical goods remaining from the campaign, but we're going to ship each and every one of them!
Finally, we are working on the about box, and integrating backers names into the credits there. More on that will come in a future update as well.

In nearly two years, I haven't even bothered to investigate vendors, proofs or shipping. We are working on integrating backers' names onto the boxes - there won't be names of the Console OS developers because they don't actually exist.

Christopher Price Wrote:What's Next (for Console OS)
We're at another fork in the road... some pun intended. Let's chat about that for a minute.
It's an exciting time for Android on PC. With Android N announced, people can see why we are positioning ourselves as being the commercial Pure Android solution for PCs... Android is growing up to the PC, much as we anticipated!
With multi-window, Vulkan console-grade graphics, and a plethora of keyboard-and-mouse enhancements... we're really excited about Android N.
But, with that excitement, comes challenges. Specifically, PC manufacturers (OEMs, as we call them), aren't very hip to the notion of embracing a non-Google solution for Android today. Simply put, they've been told to wait - for Google. It's hard to argue with a juggernaut like that, particularly now that Android N is in the developer preview phase.
So, we won't. We'll address what we're doing to make money in the next section.
Our focus will be on setting up Marshmallow on our GitHub, incorporating the Android-x86 kernel, while at the same time, expanding the commercial and non-FOSS feature set to add one feature at a time. Supporting new AOSP releases, faster, will be our first goal - consistent with the feedback you raised in Hardware Voting.
Work for that will be well under way, by month's end. Also, we are working hard to integrate the per-device builds that we started on GitHub, utilizing per-device DPI calibrations and other features in the kernel. In English - there will be one build of Console OS for you to download, for all devices.

If I can waste enough time writing these updates and making promises I can't keep, I'm hoping Google will eventually develop the features I said I'd already built 18 months before I even started to fleece Kickstarter backers for cash. Our focus is not on developing a working a Lollipop release (despite all the times I claimed it's what backers voted for!), it is of course on stealing the Marshmallow build of Android-x86 since it is actively being developed (by someone else). Finally, I can admit the much-touted per-device builds are nothing more than DPI settings (which are already specified in Android-x86).

Christopher Price Wrote:What's Next (for Console, Inc.)
We're still committed to Console OS. But we have to be realistic, with OEMs told to wait for Google, we aren't going to grow as a company barking up that tree. Not right now, at least.
We're confident than as Google-blessed Android PCs emerge, and replace Chrome OS, that Console OS will continue to do what we promised in our Risks outline, and that is to evolve the feature set, and roll with the punches.
Until then, we've been focused on two compelling new products. Unfortunately, our first push to make that happen, iConsole micro, just didn't get the industry support we were hoping to. Silicon makers were unwilling to collaborate with us on porting key Android drivers, and software support, to make that a retail-packaged offering.
We've learned from that, however. The experience has made us more fiercely independent.
Over the past year, we've been putting into place new hardware - truly disruptive hardware that does not require backers to invest money up front... nor does it require the blessing of chipmakers. We're pretty optimistic about what we've been building. And, as we pivot to devices as our mainstay, we think we can continue to push the limits of Android in a sustainable manner.

Over the last year I've been looking into other potential money-making scams once I've become bored of spending hours every day writing doublespeak about Console OS

And some bonus analysis on this tweet:

[Image: E8MVSgt.png]
All those times I wrote about writing updates, passing them round the teams, reviewing them and rewriting them? That's a lie, there's no office or team - I just make this shit up as I go along, writing it directly into the Kickstarter update box at 4am from my bed in my parents' basement.
Christopher Price Wrote:We have checkpointed and sent our GitHub rebase to staging
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Spot on roddie.

I'm so proud of how Christopher has met all his self-imposed deadlines, but those damn lazy people and industry partners have screwed up the timetable.
(03-14-2016, 07:59 AM)sortan Wrote: Spot on roddie.

I'm so proud of how Christopher has met all his self-imposed deadlines, but those damn lazy people and industry partners have screwed up the timetable.

He has still yet to take responsibility for even the most minor shortfalls of this project. The dude is a TEXTBOOK case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder:

Quote:DSM-5 criteria for narcissistic personality disorder include these features:

  • Having an exaggerated sense of self-importance

  • Expecting to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it

  • Exaggerating your achievements and talents

  • Being preoccupied with fantasies about success, power, brilliance, beauty or the perfect mate

  • Believing that you are superior and can only be understood by or associate with equally special people

  • Requiring constant admiration

  • Having a sense of entitlement

  • Expecting special favors and unquestioning compliance with your expectations

  • Taking advantage of others to get what you want

  • Having an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others

  • Being envious of others and believing others envy you

  • Behaving in an arrogant or haughty manner
Perfect translation, Roddie.

Between the update and tweet, he sang all his greatest hits:

-Passive aggressive bashing of competitors

-Vague but complex language explaining yet another broken promise

-Blaming someone else for failure or missed deadline

-The insistence that being open-source is some kind of great achievement

-The insistence that the industry and competitors are following his lead

-Throwing in a piece of information no one asked about but hopefully shows level of commitment

Btw, which part of that update is the actual "feature roadmap"?
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My god, this was brilliant.
Christopher Price Wrote:We're not going to ask our teammates in Europe to burn midnight oil to ship source code this weekend. Some cannot even leave their homes, and are under curfew. France is in a state of emergency.

... can't stop laughing. You guys are brilliant.  Thank you for the Public Service, roddie. 
I'd like to point out this specific lie in this portion of the new update:

Christopher Price Wrote:As soon as we heard that Android-IA for PC was on troubled waters, we announced we were delaying the shipment of physical goods

The campaign ended on August 14, 2014. Since Christopher Price found out about Android-IA's suspension 72 hours after the campaign ended, that would put us at August 17, 2014. Keep in mind I did searches for the words "physical," "perks," "goods," and "ship," Let's take a look at the comments:


There is no other mentioning of physical goods in any way, shape, or form for the rest of 2014, except for this comment on September 2, 2014:

Christopher Price Wrote:Correct, the shipping details are just for perks like shirts and laptop stickers.

On January 18, 2015, Christopher Price stated this:

Christopher Price Wrote:Perks, late January or early Feburary. This is in part because we were totally unhappy with the laptop test skins we ordered, and we're sourcing new ones right now.

That then takes us to July 20, 2015:

Christopher Price Wrote:As to other perks, as we have mentioned, keeping Console OS alive through the Lollipop Logjam is our top priority. Intel did pull the rug out from us by pulling support for key features we depended on (IAGO, Android on Core, etc) after our Kickstarter ended. Once we ship Console OS DR2, Lollipop, in open source, we will review what resources we have and keep shipping.

Notice the "keep shipping." He hadn't shipped jack shit yet so I find that funny how he decided to use that phrase.

And just for good measure, and to give Christopher Price the benefit of the doubt, I decided to consider the "troubled waters" to mean the point when Intel "pulled the plug" on Android-IA. The first use of the word "Android-IA" was on June 18, 2015 and none of the comments by Christopher Price in the entire month of January talked about any physical goods.

Complete. Fucking. Lie.
Christopher Price Wrote:We're not going to ask our teammates in Europe to burn midnight oil to ship source code this weekend. Some cannot even leave their homes, and are under curfew. France is in a state of emergency.

My congratulations to Christopher on the tremendous response he's received so far. Indeed his forums are so swamped with new people and posts I can hardly keep track. Indeed, he's managed to attract such a vibrant community that their discussions are so wide-ranging even beyond ConsoleOS that I have some difficulty in following some of their posts. Saint Christopher, however, seems to be a kindred spirit to these fellows. I think I may have even spotted royalty in his forums, a Nigerian Prince, no less.
Yes, I thought it was funny when he said "We only have a few hundred physical goods remaining from the campaign, but we're going to ship each and every one of them!" considering he so far has shipped none!
Christopher Price Wrote:We have checkpointed and sent our GitHub rebase to staging

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