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Meetups dead. Backers have options! ConsoleOS going Experimental.
I would guess his strategy is to offer some Teclast tablets with an adapter for cars.

His recent posts about cars would fit in perfectly.

If he really uses ConsoleOS or not for this is another open question for me.

Maybe he is able to rebrand a working Jide installation and hides the fact that he uses something different.

His scams remind me a little bit of this:

[Image: don-quixote-vs-the-windmills.png]
(07-26-2016, 04:22 PM)xxlariusxx Wrote: Wow, he didn't even try on that last reply. Just went right for the closest fitting excuse.

It's funny.  For months now Christopher Price has claimed:

Quote:..we noted (in the Risks section of our prospectus) that upstream changes to Android from Google and Intel could impact our work.
Read more:

And he repeats it over and over, as if doing so is going to somehow make it true.  Funny thing is, if you look at the Risk section of the campaign, the word upstream isn't mentioned.  And why would it be?  The scam was predicated on the supposition that they/it/he "rebuilt android from the ground up."

And the only other language that might have indicated the possibility of forfeiture of my purchase was:  
Quote:More generally, however, major changes to Android may cause us to have to rewrite portions of our code. We're ready for that.

That's a far cry from his contemporary consolatory mantra of "Upstream changes to Android were a stated risk."

Wait..  Why is this whip in my hand and what his this dead horse here?

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