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The Chilling Fields
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It's such a treat to know that Christopher Price has scoured every paragraph of this little project.  Welcome, huckster!  Ever thought about getting a job and repaying the Kickstarter Backers you ripped off?  Anyway...

It looks like everyone's favorite never-do-well is hard at work doing whatever he does, including submitting a flurry of DMCA requests; targeting Google search results. 

The Chilling Effects Project reports:


My favorite is where he claims ownership of the reddit content, claiming his writing constitutes an article.  Unless I'm missing something, which is always a strong possibility.
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It's no wonder Console OS is always behind, he spends all his time filing DCMA claims, criticizing other companies on Twitter, and giving un-asked for commentary on politics and cars.
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You may have a look at the forums of Chris Price. Still a mess with all that spams.

He ignores all the people and there seems to be one guy (maybe?) who complains that there is no support and Chris Price doesn`t care to delete his postings or "correct" him in his own forum.

Well, maybe posting about cars and trying to find people for his OpenHU is enough work for Chris and his world-wide team :-)
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