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Oregon Justice Department investigates another failed Kickstarter
Some of you may remember the "Coolest Cooler". I don't remember if this was posted here or not.

In any case, apparently they are under investigation by the Oregon Justice Department.

Keep in mind that this seems to more a case of people being in over their head rather than outright fraud (like our dear friend Christopher's project).

Interestingly, it only took about 200-300 complaints.
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I wonder if I should click your link or wait for Christopher to write about this on his blog and tell us how he's so much better at running a startup than this guy.
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I thought initially these guys were fair in that they were completely open about the fact they'd had production problems (they'd initially said that they couldn't get hold of one of the parts and had to use a more expensive alternative) so they'd had to push into retail to raise funds so they could ship backers. Not ideal but at least it looked like backers would get their items and the company was doing what it could to get it all sorted. Then it became questionable when they were offering people a chance to get their Coolers 'early' by paying a hundred dollars more despite the fact they were quite late by that point, I'm sorry to see they've still not shipped to backers and that's really beyond a joke.

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