Poll: The endgame poll!
Disappear into the night / name change
Admit failure: It's all Intel's fault!
Admit failure: It's all Android-x86's fault!
Admit failure: It's all the trolls' fault!
Stepping back for personal / family reasons
Declare success!
I was hacked! You were scammed by an imposter Christopher Price
Actually deliver! (haha, had to include it to be complete!)
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Christopher Price: The Endgame
So what will be Christopher's ultimate endgame / exit?
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I think he will actually deliver (a half assed incomplete, unsupported piece of shit), then blame it on Intel, x86, the trolls, his office landlords, wildfires dam breaches, earthquakes or whatever else is going on in the world and still call it a success. Then disappear into the night because of personal/family reasons. Then pop up again a few months down the road with another hair brained idea that he can't truly deliver on because hes a narcissistic, pathological liar with zero business sense.

Pretty much covers all the options in your poll lol.
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