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01 | Jun 14 2014 | Straight to The Moon!
Straight to The Moon!

At 4 AM, I'm sitting here in our headquarters (a tiny little office) for what was supposed to be a late all-nighter of pressing on, engineering.

And then it happened. I got a message. Console OS has hit the top of the charts, trending to number one in popularity worldwide on Kickstarter. While we won't stay there all sixty days (nobody does), we're all honored beyond belief.

We're constantly asked if people really want to switch between Android™ and Windows® on their tablet or 2-in-1, let alone a laptop or desktop. All of you that have contributed, have put your money where your mouth is, in order to help make that message loud and clear - Yes, this is cool, and yes, you want Console OS to happen.

In less than 48 hours, we raised over twenty thousand dollars. This wasn't venture dollars, and it's not even a pinprick for a typical player in Silicon Valley to write a check for. But this matters more - it matters that you're telling the industry to make this happen, and you're trusting us to make it happen.

As we're coming up on the halfway mark toward our first $50,000 goal, we're going to keep going. We've read each and every message from backers, and we're already factoring your feedback into our work. You're telling us what devices are important to you, and we're going to make sure Hardware Voting at the end of the Kickstarter matters.

For everything that you've done so far for us, we can't thank you enough. We won't let you down. Help us spread the word so that we can raise the second half of step one. We're only on day three, we're going to start putting the wheels in motion for stretch goals - let's keep going to get there!

- Christopher Price, Founder

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