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02 | Jun 16 2014 | How Console OS Was Born
How Console OS Was Born


Over the weekend, we interviewed with some big press peeps. While I'm not at liberty to say whom until the articles go to print, they're all million-plus follower sites that go beyond the tech universe.

I'm not here to share links to those. I want to share a link to a site that I haven't written an article on in a long time.

Over on the site that made me relevant as a blogger,, I wrote the history of Console OS... and how I've led my team to this point. It's a five year story of the rough-and-tumble world of startups. And, I think you might find it worth a read if things like walled gardens, Linux, corporate strategy shifts... and the freedom of your ability to run whatever app you darn well please, matter.

The site may have seen better days, but I wouldn't have felt right penning the post anywhere else. My days as a blogger gave me the experience, and the tenacity, to build teams that shoot for the moon.

In closing, I'm pleased to announce that we're more than half way to our initial fundraising goal! We really never expected to accomplish that in less than five days. But, we have!

Now isn't the time to rest on that amazing effort. Please, go out there and tell your friends about - hop on the social network of your choice, and write about it if you haven't already. Talk to people around you that are tech-inclined, point them to our Kickstarter too.

And, most importantly, if you see a tech blog that hasn't covered us yet - send the tech blogs you like and read a news tip! Volume matters. Speaking as a recovering blogger, I can speak to this personally. Copy and paste the Kickstarter link, or send the news tip pointed to Either way, the best thing you can do to help our Kickstarter (aside from backing it, of course), is to pull your favorite blog aside and ask them to check us out.

Hopefully, the next time we have an update we'll be able to give you some equally-awesome news as hitting the halfway point. And once again, thanks so much for your support thus far.

- Christopher Price, Founder

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