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03 | Jun 26 2014 | Google I/O, Console OS & You
Title: Google I/O, Console OS & You

Hi everyone, it has been a busy week for us here. We expected to lay low and gear up for what news was coming from Google. Google I/O is mostly wrapped in terms of announcements, so we’re comfortable chiming in to everyone at this point.

In all, we think what came out of Google I/O is great news for Console OS. Like many, however, we have some unanswered questions that may change a few aspects of Console OS down the road. So, let’s get started.

Topic One: Android & Chrome OS Getting Cozy Together

A lot of people have asked why Console OS doesn’t have plans to support Chromebooks™ and Chrometops. We didn’t want to say why out of respect to Google in general; we don’t talk about products that they may or may not announce.

That said, yesterday Google announced something that we anticipated long ago - select Chrome OS devices will be able to run Android™ apps in the future.

This doesn’t change our game plan in any way. Google wants to make sure Chrome OS™ is limited to devices that they bless. Which, we’re fine with. But Console OS is for the rest of the PC industry. 

What this move does help, is encouraging Android application developers to be more non-touch friendly with their apps. It also gets app developers in the mood to make sure their Android apps run in windowed mode - something Console OS Pro embraces too. 

Even if Google were someday to make Chrome OS broadly available for existing PCs, Console OS is all about scaling native Android onward and upward. We’re focused on creating a high-performance future for Android, as a primary operating system.

And, as Forbes noted in this spotlight on Console OS, we’re starting with a dual-boot vision today, alongside our vision of Android being a mainstream operating system for desktops and 2-in-1’s tomorrow. 

Android "L"

Android L (the “L” is a placeholder until Google fully unveils the name and version) is exciting. However, today it’s not quite out the door. Google has noted that, much like the name, some key features aren’t yet fully announced.

As we announced in the Console OS Kickstarter, features may shift, change or move about the cabin. Console OS is a fork of Android, and like all Android-based products, we have to make changes to Console OS whenever there’s a major new version of Android. Rest assured, nothing we’ve heard so far about Android L changes Console OS in any significant way.

What Google did disclose of Android L yesterday is certainly good for Console OS. With formal support for 64-bit Android applications, ART as the default Android runtime, and positive interface improvements, we’re looking forward to integrating Android L into Console OS.

We don’t know yet what, if any, things will change to our feature roadmap as a result of Android L. But, after we thoroughly review the source code pull, if there are any changes to be made, we’ll be sure to explain in-depth what they are and why we would be making any needed changes.

Android TV

As you may know, before Console OS, we started building hardware., our own hardware, is still in-development. But, the more support we get for Console OS, the more awesome we’ll be able to make iConsole hardware.

iConsole hardware will add on to the amazing number of third-party devices we already plan to support in the x86 ecosystem with Console OS itself.

We’ve gone in-depth on the announcement of Android TV, over on the blog, but overall, while we’re interested - Google has left key questions unanswered.

iConsole hardware is the Nexus™ to our Android™, and we’re building all iConsole modes to be great both on the desktop, and when plugged into a TV.

Next Week

Now that I/O is coming to a close, we’re working hard behind the scenes on new demos, announcements, and partners that will make waves next week. We’ll see you then!

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