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05 | Jul 8 2014 | OMG Surface Pro 3 (And Surface Pro 2... And Surface Pro)!
OMG Surface Pro 3 (And Surface Pro 2... And Surface Pro)!


We got pages of the above. Literally. We couldn't print them all... some sent along pages of text that just said "Surface Pro"

Use/abuse of the clipboard aside, we hear you loud and clear!

First, Thanks

Before, we talk more about Surface™ Pro - a quick aside. Thank you! We're within in the last $10,000 of our original funding goal, with over a month to spare!!

Requests to support Microsoft's iconic, and powerful 2-in-1 has eclipsed all other feedback... combined! And we totally understand why. An original-gen Surface Pro can be had for $400 on eBay, at times even manufacturer-refurbished with a direct-from-Microsoft warranty.

At around $400, you can have a third-generation Intel® Core™ i5 2-in-1 that slays the iPad Air in terms of performance, complete with Surface™ Covers and a plethora of other groundbreaking accessories. The problem? It doesn't run Android™.

Let's fix that. Right now.

Truth be told - if you watched our original launch video, you may have seen Surface Pro hidden in the background. Yes, we've been testing with Surface Pro the whole time. That said, we didn't want to talk Surface Pro until we knew what it would take to support the all-new Surface Pro 3.

Now that we've had enough time (Surface Pro 3 did just come out), we can talk more about Surface Pro in general.

What it will take to do Console OS for Surface Pro...

So, without further ado, we're proud to be the first to get a fork of Android up and running, natively, on Surface Pro 3. That's the good news. The bad news - we now know supporting Surface Pro properly is going to take a lot of work.

We're announcing our first Stretch Goal, and that's to support the whole Surface Pro family, including the all-new Surface Pro 3. Especially to support Surface Pro 3, we're going to have to raise more funds than our original goal. There is a lot of work ahead.

While we have the core services that power Console OS up and running on all three Surface Pro models, we expect it will cost around $75,000 to support them fully.

That's a lot. It's more than our original funding goal. It takes the new combined goal to $125,000 total.

On the plus side, our community has clearly demonstrate that combining one of the greatest tablet models ever built, with the most popular OS in the world today, is certainly something that is in-demand. And, much of the effort will overlap across all three Surface Pro models, ensuring we can support all three generations jointly.

But why is it going to cost/require so much? We'll explain.

All three Surface Pro models do follow industry standards - UEFI, x86 hardware, and do so in the same chassis as Surface RT. Unfortunately, to pull that off, they use a lot of custom silicon. From a proprietary Wi-Fi and Bluetooth array, to all-new HID configurations on the Surface Pro 3's touch screen, stylus, and Surface Covers - getting Console OS to "manufacturer grade" precision isn't going to be easy.

We'll do it live!

In the video below, we have the first-ever hands-on demo of Android running on Surface Pro 3, with a few other Console OS-capable tablets running in the background. All the devices in the video below are being shown off in our "Pure Android" mode, which is perfect for tablets as it disables all our desktop-friendly enhancements, custom UX, and gives you a Nexus-style Android experience.

Again, this is very early. We're the first to pull off getting Android up and running - but there's so much left to do from here. We've gotta hit the $125,000 mark to really make it work as well as it looks.

Later today and tomorrow, we'll be rolling out some new Kickstarter backer perks. We promise if we meet the $125,000 goal, we'll share Console OS on Surface Pro with all, but we'll be offering some additional incentives for those of you who want to back us for a few dollars more.

And, thanks again. We've shown a lot of naysayers that people do really want native Android to scale up and take on the PC. Surface Pro is the next step, and I personally love my new Surface Pro 3. I think it's the best tablet yet.

- Christopher Price, Founder

P.S. As we noted in the all-important FAQ, we cannot support Surface RT or any other Windows RT device. This is a restriction imposed by Microsoft on ARM (Windows RT) devices. It's up to you, the consumer, to ask Microsoft (and others) to keep the marketplace competitive by ensuring that the PC will always afford the customer the ability to chose their own operating system.

Legal: Windows and Surface are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. References to any of these trademarks is not to be considered an endorsement.

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