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06 | Jul 22 2014 | New Kickstarter Page - Help Spread the Word!
Hi folks,

We know you want Console OS to meet that stretch goal. We're working hard on a new round of announcements set for early next week, and that's taking up a lot of our time - so we aren't on the campaign trail that much this week.

However, you can help us out! We just launched a major renovation of our Console OS Kickstarter page that makes it nicer to look at and easier to understand.

Here's how you can help. If you have a favorite blog (or seventeen) that you like to read... take a minute and send them a news tip about us. Console OS has been graced with some awesome coverage from some big name blogs - others, not so much just yet.

Nothing stands out to a blogger like an army of people saying that they want some sort of tech revolution to happen. Now that we've got a new Kickstarter page up, send your favorite blogs a news tip with a link to it. Thanks!

- Christopher Price, Founder

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