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07 | Jul 23 2014 | Clarifying on Google Play (TL;DR - We're Same As CyanogenMod™ Here
Hi folks, we've left some bloggers thinking that we are incompatible with Google Play... so let's dive a bit deeper on the subject. Because, it needs some clarification.

Today, Google doesn't allow the Google Play Store to be distributed on any AOSP fork of Android that doesn't ship with a device. That's true for us, for CyanogenMod, for any Android distribution. If you see a community ROM or firmware that is shipping Google Play - they're doing so unlicensed (in other words, illegally).

We want to work with Google, and we think we will. There are a lot of ways we can work with Google, and yes, even Microsoft, down the road. But, we have to start from a standpoint of legitimacy.

Much like CyanogenMod, you can install Google Play onto Console OS. Google lets CyanogenMod host Google Play APKs links on their support site for this reason. We're 100% Android compatible, just like CyanogenMod. We just can't do it for you.

For ordinary people, we know this is a bit of a roadblock, but for geeks, it isn't. 

For normal humans, we're focused on building support for both the Amazon Appstore, as well as building our own curated app store, that we call the Console Store. And that's in addition to our Import Apps tool, also for normal people.

Because we're strictly 100% Android-compatible, developers will be able to allow their apps to copy over from other app stores with our Import Apps tool. This is a process many platforms, and even other legitimate solutions like Bluestacks have done for awhile now. We're working hard to make it easy, and broadly compatible. It's one of the reasons we're building maps support into Console OS... having offline maps on your hard disk (for free) is another.

In all, where Console OS is breaking ground is on new device types - PCs and PC Tablets. Everything you have done with apps on traditional phones and tablets, will be awesome on Console OS - including all the Android app (stores). Enjoy!

P.S. One Final Thing™ - Because we are 100% Android compatible, we do expect OEMs (device makers) to ship Console OS devices to Google for certification. The OEMs can then preload Google Play and ship Console OS + Google Play devices themselves. We're going to help make that happen, too.

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