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08 | Jul 31 2014 | Quick Updates, New Devices

Hi all, few quick updates. First, we've been reading your feedback, and many people asked us to make a few more tweaks to our home page on Kickstarter.

These new improvements should help you share the Kickstarter with more people, easier. Newcomers won't have to read as much.

This is a good time to drop everything that you're doing and tweet or share Console OS with a friend, or social network of your choice!

New Devices

We've updated the Kickstarter page to also clarify that Console OS will work fine on gazillions of other machines than what we've listed - we're trying to make clear that the point of targeting devices is so that we can set up a certification program. Hardware Voting will then tell us what devices we should tackle next, to build a symphony of awesome PC drivers for Android.

To that end, we've added three new devices. We're really busy working on some last-leg announcements, but we did get a chance to engineer in the midst of all this.

The Acer Aspire S7, ASUS Transformer Book T300, and Toshiba Satellite L55 are all devices that we are now confident enough we'll be able to certify that we have added them to our device targets.

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