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09 | Aug 1 2014 | Next Week & Packed Pixels Plug
Next week is our last full week on Kickstarter. And, we're going to make it count. We've been preparing to roll out as much news and announcements as possible all next week - to keep spreading the world, and showing people just how much we're committed to Console OS.

Very early next week, we'll be adding a few perks to higher tiers. A lot of people want us to hit that stretch goal, so we'll be adding a few perks to try and convince you to up that backer contribution. We've raised tens of thousands of dollars per day before, and we can do it again with your help! We're not giving up on our Stretch Goal.

Packed Pixels

Since our Kickstarter launched, there's one launched since that, to us, has stood out above all others. One we want to see happen so much, we're taking a bit of your time late Friday to tell you about it.

Today, the portable display category is, well, terrible. You have a series of bad choices. To add a second display on the go, you can:

Use a "virtual display" app on iOS and Android tablets - Terrible for anything beyond spreadsheets
Use a USB "DisplayLink" display - Pumps graphics over USB, so it dings your CPU, 3D falls flat, and it just won't work with Android devices
Buy a niche portable HDMI display - Your choices there are limited, there aren't any 2K or Retina display choices
Hack an old Motorola Lapdock - We've done this, a lot, and it's definitely not an elegant solution
Study after study shows that people are vastly more productive with a second display. So why is it such a pain to get a native second display that goes with you? This shouldn't be so complicated!

Packed Pixels is doing something we actually started work on internally, awhile ago. They're taking an eDP display panel, which appears to be straight off of a Retina iPad, and rewiring it to be a portable DisplayPort monitor - powered over USB, but plugs into mini-DisplayPort.

Something like this should be on the market today. But, it just isn't. Frankly, every tablet for professionals should have a video-in port, so that you can use it as a second display with your much-more-powerful PC or laptop.

But, they don't. Why? Because tablet makers want you to buy into their app economy - not use it as a display with your laptop. Also, they want you to upgrade tablets when they stop offering OS upgrades for that tablet. It's called planned obsolescence, and it shouldn't be there.

Today, we can't build the tablet we'd like. But, if we could, it would have a video input port.

So, if you have the cash (and it isn't a ~$10 Kickstarter, granted), we'd like to invite you to check out Packed Pixels. They could use the money, and the marketplace could really use their solution. We think it'll go great with Console OS in the long run.

Aside from backing Packed Pixels on Kickstarter, we don't have any relationship with them. We're just plugging it because we think it should get funded... like us!

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