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11 | Aug 6 2014 | Game Controllers Play on Console OS
We know it's late today, but we're keeping to our promise of big news each of our last five days on Kickstarter. Well, here's day two.

We've been asked a lot about game controller support. Being called Console OS definitely reinforces our commitment to scaling up Android to take on high-end gaming.

Early this year, we announced plans to help foster and develop built-in Android support for popular Bluetooth gaming controllers, and open-source that code as an addition to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). It doesn't look like we'll get to that project in this Kickstarter, but we will still offer something in that space later this year.

Instead, today, we're announcing plans to support both the Amazon Fire Controller™ and Xbox™ 360 Wired Controller in Console OS. We're baking in support for both iconic controllers, as well as providing unsupported support for hundreds more popular USB and Bluetooth gaming controllers.

We'll have a lot more to share in this space soon, but today's news ensures that you can go out and buy a controller with confidence - knowing it'll work on Console OS. We'll keep disrupting with game controllers, and other awesome input devices, in the coming months.

Legal: Fire Controller is a trademark of Amazon Corporation. Xbox is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Use of trademarks does not necessarily imply an endorsement.

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