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12 | Aug 8 2014 | Of Dishes & Bricks
Today is going to be a bit of a 2-in-1 computing news day (no pun... okay some pun). We didn't get any news out yesterday - so we're making a couple of surprise announcements today.

Let's Talk Television

Most Android apps "just work" on Console OS. That's one of the beauties of articulating a native, 100% Android-compatible expeirence that runs both ARM and x86 NDK code alongside Dalvik, ART, and RenderScript. For those of you that aren't geeks, that means your Android apps will typically run better than ever on Console OS. Literally.

Television, and other video on demand services, use all sorts of funky stuff that present a unique challenge. It's actually easier for us to support groundbreaking 3D games that blaze past Android's boundaries today. DRM, encrypted video, stuff that takes considerable effort to support. We've been hard at work on it, because you want it to work great.

Today we're announcing that DISH Network's all-new, upgraded Android app has been tested by our team, and we've started building out support for this satellite TV solution.

In our labs, we completed the first-ever transfer of a DISH Network DVR recording from a DISH Hopper to PC (running Console OS), and we managed to fill a hard drive with transferred TV shows. That means, for the first time, you can use your PC's massive hard drive to take hundreds of hours of recorded movies and TV shows with you on the road.

Tablets and phones typically only have a few (or a few dozen) gigabytes of storage. This limits how much TV you can take without where Wi-Fi and 3G/4G don't travel. And, Android's DRM restrictions often prevent you from saving protected content to "external" storage, like SD cards. A laptop however can have up to a terabyte of storage onboard.

Dell's XPS 12 leverages carbon fiber to fold between laptop and tablet rapidly...
Dell's XPS 12 leverages carbon fiber to fold between laptop and tablet rapidly...
Imagine taking that much TV on a long vacation - and never needing to worry about streaming (or paying for) content on the road. Just leave your laptop in Airplane Mode, and enjoy!

This is all in addition to Slingbox, which works great on Console OS. Slingbox uses the same Sling Media technology that powers DISH Network's Hopper with Sling.

We're still working on DVR services for Console OS Pro that use more terrestrial means of obtaining video, as well as continuing to perfect support for DISH. But we're showing today that Console OS is delivering real innovation - combining the best that a PC has to offer in screen-size and storage, with a DVR solution that was already fine-tuned for Android.

Pack All the BRIX!

Gigabyte has been one of our earliest hardware partners, and they were a huge help with our developer kit programs last year. This year, we've been talking with them about hardware for Console OS.

And, we have a bit of a surprise. We've quietly certified today's family of BRIX devices for Console OS Pro!

The Gigabyte BRIX Pro features Intel Iris™ Pro HD 5200 Graphics
The Gigabyte BRIX Pro features Intel Iris™ Pro HD 5200 Graphics
But wait, there's more. We've also certified the first motherboard for Console OS, the Gigabyte Z87-ITX and H87-ITX - we tested these boards with the latest Intel Wi-Fi, and it passed with flying colors. This motherboard line is a fan favorite of a lot of enthusiasts, and we're proud to make it the first board that works with Console OS Pro. It also happens to run some other great operating systems very well, too...

It shouldn't be much of a surprise to anyone around us that we chose this board to certify first. The Z87-ITX happens to be the same backbone of most iConsole Developer Kits that we shipped last year.

What's Next
Just because we've certified one board today, doesn't mean that we're stopping there though.

Today we showed that we're committed to system builders, certifying the first motherboard for Console OS Pro. There will be many more that come - but we're going to have to rely on our Kickstarter backers, both early on in Hardware Voting, and in the long run with reporting what works... and what we need to work on.

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