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13 | Aug 8 2014 | Announcing Support for Unity, Havok, and Unreal Engines!
Announcing Support for Unity, Havok, and Unreal Engines!

Today is the last weekday in our Kickstarter. Aside from a few hours Monday morning, this is it. So, we're finishing off our weekday announcements with a big one.

Console OS with Android™ Inside is all about bringing Android to computer consoles today, and high-end gaming consoles tomorrow. To that end, gaming is of paramount importance to us.

We're today announcing that we will support, embrace, and work with all three of the industry's most popular game engine and middleware solutions on the market today. Unity, Havok Project Anarchy, and Unreal Engine 4 will all be supported by us on Console OS.

This wasn't easy. When we started in Android development. Not one game from any of these engines would run properly. We've come a long way in a short amount of time.

From Google I/O to Console OS

One of our last screenshots we'll share during this campaign is a collage of Unreal Engine 4 demos that we've started working on for Console OS, just to give you a taste of what native Android can do today with powerful processors.

One of them (top right) below is straight from this year's Google I/O keynote.

Note: Google didn't help us on this one - we got these demos straight from Epic/Unreal Engine, all were rendered in OpenGL ES 3 on Console OS preview builds, without Android Extension Pack.

Unreal Engine 4 on Console OS - Android Gaming & Beyond on Your PC, PC Tablet & 2-in-1
Unreal Engine 4 on Console OS - Android Gaming & Beyond on Your PC, PC Tablet & 2-in-1
Larger Image Link: (Kickstarter bug - we literally spent 15 minutes trying to linkify that image).

All of the above was rendered at a full 60 fps on a Dell XPS 12 with an Intel Core i5 processor, running Console OS. While we have some glitches and bugs to squash before we demo them in public, we're well on our way to delivering the first, and only true console-quality gaming experience using Android on the PC.

Our support for all three engines will be focused on scale - empowering game developers to use their existing Android game code base, and optimize it to deliver visuals typically assigned to traditional gaming consoles and traditional PCs. PCs and 2-in-1's really sit in-between what tablets can do today, and what game consoles can do tomorrow.

For Havok, and Unreal Engine 4, they'll run natively in x86 NDK code alongside Dalvik and ART. For Unity, we're taking a bit of a different approach to supporting their SDK - massaging ARM code to do something truly unique on x86. We're fusioning ARM NDK game code while passing through higher-quality graphics to OpenGL ES 3. This is made possible by our native ARM translator, that allows for both old, and new ARM-only apps to excel on Console OS PCs and PC Tablets.

The result with Unity and our upcoming Console OS SDK Add-on for Unity, is a game that only Console OS-class machines can drive, even though the code under the hood is being dynamically translated.

Bottom line, this is an important last step in our Kickstarter. It commits to game developers that making games scale up to Console OS hardware won't be difficult. We're going to start working directly with all three companies to help make the entire Android gaming ecosystem even better.

We'll have another minor announcement or two this weekend as we close things out. Please help us spread the word and post a link to our Kickstarter somewhere out on the web that's relevant. Thanks so much!

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