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14 | Aug 10 2014 | Helping Other Makers Innovate with Minnowboard MAX Support
It's the last day for Console OS on Kickstarter. And we wanted to end on a special note.

We're getting our engines started with Kickstarter. Not only will it help pay the bills, but it has also given us proof that Android on the PC is really in demand. When people ask if Android makes sense on the desktop, we now have more than a conversation starter and tech demos - we have thousands (and thousands, and thousands!) of people that have committed to the cause.

So today we're making one more announcement that will help other makers. We're announcing that Console OS will support Minnowboard MAX!

Minnowboard MAX
Minnowboard MAX
Minnowboard MAX is a lot like Raspberry Pi. Except it has an open-source friendly GPU, and an Intel Atom "Bay Trail" processor (in single-core and dual-core trim both models are available). While slightly more expensive than Raspberry, it comes packing with the best I/O out there, including a USB 3.0 port.

Now, Minnowboard already has great support from Intel's and others. But, we're delivering Console OS so that you can fully leverage Android on Minnowboard MAX with hardware-accelerated video playback, ARM app compatibility, and a desktop-friendly UX (in case you're not using it to build a touch screen device).

With Minnowboard MAX support, you now have a Console OS-ready board with complete diagrams available. This means you can now integrate Console OS and Android on your terms, with the design you envision. From 15-inch tablets to all new Internet of Things innovations - you're in the driver's seat.

We've already built some pretty cool prototypes with Minnowboard MAX in our labs, and we were graciously seeded some early-access gear to get support for Minnowboard MAX underway. However, it has just started to ship from its manufacturer, CircuitCo.

Minnowboard MAX is a real community-wide effort, and we encourage you to head to to check it out.

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