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16 | Aug 28 2014 | We Could Use Your Help - A Startup Challenge
Hi folks, Christopher here. Couple bits of good news we'll expand on over the next 48 hours. This morning we (finally) received the funds from Kickstarter!

Is Kickstarter saying you aren't a backer, and you did back us? Hit the contact us button on Kickstarter and reach out to us - we can work with you to fix that.

Help Us Win a Startup Competition

Growing as a startup means going through the traditional venture circles, and that includes startup competitions. One thing the heavyweights like to see, is a community that sticks with a project.

We are a last-minute entry in the Vator Fall Startup Challenge. Vator may not have the name recognition of some of the press-derived startup challenges, but they predate most of those, and are several years in the running for what they do.

How you can help us win: Go here, and click the Vote For Us button next to Console OS. We should be in the top-left corner of the page. If you use Facebook, it only takes a few quick clicks to vote for us. 

Details for Hardware Voting will follow in a separate Kickstarter update after we're done rallying for the Vator challenge deadline tomorrow. Now that we have a full list of backers, we're (finally) all set there.

Thanks everyone, after delays with Amazon, we're now able to put your contributions to work on continuing the development of Console OS. We still will need your support in voicing to the industry that Android on the desktop is something you want to see happen.

We're already working on community forums and support wiki's to help make your voice even more powerful - but today, all we ask if for a minute of your time to cast a vote. Thanks!

- Christopher Price, Founder

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