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19 | Oct 2 2014 | We Could Use Your Help #2 - AMD & Vator Finals
Hi folks, Christopher here live from Vator Splash LA - a beautiful day in Santa Monica.

I'll get straight to the point, we could use your help with a couple things.


Turns out, there are going to be two voting phases. You got us to the top of the charts at the Vator competition, now they're going to be doing some real-time voting at the show. You can quickly vote for us to help us sweep both People's Choice awards.

Just click this link around 12:30 PM Pacific (3:30 PM Eastern) and cast a quick vote for Console OS. We really appreciate it.


We've started some conversations with AMD, we want their help to make Android on the PC awesome with Console OS - and get AMD directly supporting Android on x86 in their Catalyst driver suite.

Well, they've given us the opportunity to have you chime in. You can sound off on the new AMD Catalyst Satisfaction Survey. Tell them you want support for Android and Console OS. You can find the survey right here at this link.

Thanks for chiming in on these two things - we need you to keep the drumbeat going.

One Final Announcement

A late add, we just got stylus support working on several systems. We're demoing VAIO Tap 11 playing Angry Birds - fingers versus stylus! So please cast that vote at 12:30 PM Pacific - after we do some housekeeping (and get some sleep) we'll share a video with everyone of the new stylus support.

- Christopher Price, Founder

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