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20 | Oct 13 2014 | New Video & Our Brand New Meetup Page
We have a new video to share from the Vator Splash LA Startup Competition where Console OS swept the People's Choice awards!

Your support translated into real, tangible awards for Console OS, with over $24,000 in free hosting alone from Rackspace. Thanks to your votes in the Vator competition, we can put more of the Kickstarter funds toward development, since we'll be using Rackspace now to host the eventual Console OS downloads to backers.

You can see the video on the Console OS blog page - it shows off digitizer (stylus) support as well as some early Unreal Engine 4 demos. This is the kind of gaming caliber that demonstrates how Console OS will help get Android into cutting-edge high-performance gaming and multitouch environments.

Meetup Page

One other update we encourage you to check out - our new Meetup Page is now live. This is the first in a series of rollouts that will help us move beyond Kickstarter in the coming weeks as we shift to shipping Console OS (and other perks you may have signed up for).

Currently we're focusing on rolling out a couple of launch events in Silicon Valley. So, if you're anywhere near there, we encourage you to sign up on our all-new Meetup page.

P.S. If you haven't filled out that AMD survey yet - we would really appreciate it if you have an AMD graphics card or processor - please take a minute and fill that survey out. Be sure to ask for Android & Console OS support in the feedback boxes. Thanks!

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