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21 | Dec 5 2014 | Console OS Developer Release 1 - How to Get It [Backers Only]
Hi everyone,

We've turned a lot of systems online over the past 36 hours. We expect there will be issues here and there, so please bear with us.

Console OS Wiki

First, we've launched a complete support wiki that will help you get the most out of Console OS. You can find it at - Please be sure to go there before installing. The Release Notes (including installation guide) are right there. 

Also, be sure to use the feedback tool at the bottom of each Wiki page. It will help us get feedback from the thousands of testers (you) and incorporate that feedback in both development, and support documents.

Now, how to get the downloads.

Console OS Accounts

Console OS Accounts area is where you'll log in to download Console OS, and where we'll also provide you with future Console OS Pro features and updates as we make them available.

Here is how to access your Console OS Account:

1)  Go to

2)  Enter your email under "Get your password" panel on the right (use the same email that you use for Kickstarter) 

(Note: Do not attempt to "sign up" - you are already signed up! Simply follow the steps above - all that is required is your email address.)

3)  Click the green "Get password" button and you will automatically receive an email with a link to reset your password. Check your spam folder if you don't see this email.

4) Once you've reset your password you can log in to your Console OS Account (then you'll be able to update your Username and other settings). Click the Downloads tab and you will see a download page for Console OS DR1. 

5) Follow the steps on the Downloads page, including visiting the Release Notes at

If you can't login for some reason, we are here to help (that's why we had to get some sleep). If we do see system-wide issues, we'll post on this comment wall, on Twitter via @iConsole and in the Kickstarter comments tab.

Thanks for hanging in there. We know you have questions about what's next, so after we handle this first-wave of traffic, we'll start penning those updates this weekend. Thanks everyone!

- Christopher Price, Founder

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