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22 | Dec 5 2014 | Alternate Download Instructions for DR1
Unfortunately, our important new account system hit a brick wall this morning. An upstream security alert was tripped with our hosting providers, when everyone started resetting their passwords.

So, welcome to Plan B. We're going to post below the same information from the Console OS Account page after you would log in, along with temporary download links.

Please don’t share these links. They are configured to self-destruct after a certain number of uses (roughly a bit above the number of Kickstarter backers). You’ll just be delaying other backer’s access to these builds.

The account system is very important as it will be how you activate Console OS Pro features in future releases. We'll get it fixed over the next day or so. This does mean a third email alerting you when it's safe to activate your account over there again... sorry about that. We'll refrain from shaming the big hosting company that screwed up here.

On the bright side, the Console OS Wiki is working great, along with the feedback tool at the bottom of each page there. It's an essential piece of using Developer Release 1.

Console OS DR1

This is the download info for your Console OS install.

To download the very first developer's release of Console OS, just choose your system build link below and your download will begin immediately. Your license covers all the devices you own, with free upgrades for life. Thank you for supporting the Console OS Kickstarter.

Important - Read This First... It's not the usual yada yada.

Disclaimer: We are not liable for any data loss or impact that Console OS may have to your computer or device. You must read the Release Notes before installing Console OS. Console OS is an operating system, it's not your standard app download.

If you do not fully back up your computer before installing a developer release of an operating system, we're not sorry for what may happen next. The release notes provide important steps including creating a factory restore drive, in case something unexpected happens. We have tested Console OS extensively, but in any first release unforseen stuff can happen.

The release notes explain in detail what to do with the downloads below. We are not providing installation instructions here. Please fully read and follow the release notes linked above.

Yes, the consumer (v1.0) version Console OS will be a lot easier to install - so if this Developer Release is too challenging, you may want to wait for future releases.

Thanks again for backing Console OS. Welcome to the start of bringing Android into the laps of millions of PC users.

Console OS Developer Release 1 (DR1):

Console OS for Fourth-generation Intel Core Processors (formerly “Haswell”)

Console OS for Intel Atom (formerly “Bay Trail”) and Earlier Intel Core Processors

If the links above do not work, please visit the Kickstarter updates tab for a new update - this is a temporary workaround while we kick start our account management server (no pun... okay, some pun).

Again, please visit the Wiki for installation instructions (what to do with these images, how to write them to a flash drive).

And again, we hope to get our account management system back online over the next 24/48 hours.

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