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23 | Dec 27 2014 | Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, Backers
We have a lot going on right now, but we wanted to give you a special, exclusive backer-only update. The information only stays cool and backer-exclusive if you don’t share it.

First, we want to thank everyone for their patience, in the wake of shipping Developer Release 1 we've been intaking and reading all of your feedback. We've had some important opportunities come up as a result, and we're going to share what's ahead in this update.

What’s Next

We’ll get to the biggest news of all: We’re going to be rolling out Developer Release 1 to the public.

You might be asking why. We have something for you guys (see the next section), but we believe Developer Release 1 is stable enough to share with everyone right away. This is also important for getting traction. We need people using Console OS in order to get momentum in the market.

Lollipop & You

You guys are going to get Lollipop first, and long before everyone else. Our technical plan calls for continuing to ship KitKat through the first quarter of next year to the public, and for specific chips like 4th Generation Intel Core processors.

We’ve had some time to sort out the technical roadmap for Lollipop. The good news is most systems, including tablets, will get Lollipop over the next 60 or so days. We are waiting on a couple more drivers and enablers from vendors.

But, we do have Lollipop up and running, with expanded Wi-Fi silicon support already.

There are some technical things we will be doing behind the scenes, including setting up build server infrastructure and also individual device build trees. This means as we add a device and update devices, each device will get its own build of Console OS. This will greatly improve stability and sustainability.

Lollipop & Silicon

Most systems will get Lollipop right away. Others… are going to take a bit longer. Support for some cutting edge things like Intel Core processors has taken a step back in Lollipop. We’re working with the right partners and players to address this. We hope to be actively involved in getting Lollipop up and running on Core systems - just be advised it may take longer than other systems.

We expect to support Intel Atom “Bay Trail” machines first, followed by current-targets like 3rd and 4th Generation Intel Core systems. Up next will be newer Core M (5th Generation) Core systems.

We can’t give good guidance on when this will happen just yet. We hope to be expanding Lollipop to all systems some time in the second quarter of this year. But, it’s a topic we’re talking with everyone inside the industry about right now. The demand is there, and people like you are certainly clamoring for it.

You’re showing the industry this is what the people do indeed want… we’re going to work to make it happen.

And, as we mentioned previously, we will continue to ship and build out support for Console OS KitKat-based builds for Core processors, while we shape up Lollipop to be awesome on both Core, and Atom CPUs.

Between Now & Lollipop

We're hoping to ship our first Lollipop builds to you by some time in February, and we'll keep you updated. 

CES is the first week of January. Before that, we’re moving offices. Moving offices wasn't in the cards, but unfortunately, it's part of startup life. We apologize for the downtime that has resulted over the past couple weeks, but we have to move when our rent goes up double digits.

After that… our focus will turn to hardware. We have taken offline to prepare for our first consumer-oriented hardware products. We can’t say when you’ll see them surface, but some time in January is a safe bet.

We're really proud of what we've done with hardware, the iConsole platform is what got us started with this venture. What we will introduce to consumers is quite a departure from what we started building... but we think it's something everyone will be impressed with as well.

Late Breaking: On Spotify

For Backer Plus, and above, we need to talk for a bit about Spotify. We'll be continuing conversations with internet radio providers into next year. During our campaign, we were pretty close to some news there, but we're still working on that front.

Since then, Spotify has rolled out a promotion offering a better deal - offering 3 months of Spotify Premium for $.99. That's below our cost, and probably theirs too.

So, if you were at Backer Plus or above, we encourage you to sign up for Spotify right now and take their offer. We will refund the $.99 to anyone wants us to, just use the Kickstarter messaging tool with "Spotify Refund" in the subject, and a PayPal email address (or let us know if you don't have PayPal).

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