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25 | Mar 3 2015 | Introducing iConsole micro & Our New Company Name
Hello everyone,

We're live at Mobile World Congress, and we've got news to share.

Introducing iConsole™ micro - The first Android™ stick that matters.

At the show today, we took the wraps off iConsole micro. And, we've reopened to start to promote it.

What is iConsole micro? It's our first consumer hardware, and it's incredibly small. It's the first Android "stick" that doesn't trade performance for size. Powered by a quad-core Intel® Atom™ processor, it will deliver the full range of Android-on-PC and Android-on-TV functionality, with the same performance that you've come to expect from PCs several times its size.

iConsole micro
iConsole micro
We'll have more to share on iConsole micro later this month, including tech specs, price-points, and a full announcement. You can learn more at both and on our new, unified company blog.

Also @ MWC

Not only are we introducing iConsole micro, but we're also giving live demonstrations of Console OS with Android™ rocking on Intel Core 2-in-1's... showcasing OpenGL ES 3 demos powered by Unreal Engine 4.

Our Mobile World Congress booth space for 2015!
Our Mobile World Congress booth space for 2015!
And, finally, for the first time, we're also live demonstrating Android 5.0 Lollipop builds of Console OS, running on a Minnowboard MAX. While still early, it shows we're alive and well on Lollipop, and we hope to ship these new builds later this month.

Our new builds of Lollipop are such an advancement, we've taken down our Lollipop Technical Preview to backers - our team is closing in on the stability we've been fighting for. Once our team is back from MWC, we'll be working non-stop to start finishing, polishing, and most importantly, shipping new Lollipop-based builds exclusively to Kickstarter backers.

Opening DR1 to All

We need your help. We need to show that people want to run Android natively on their 2-in-1. So, we've made it easy to share Console OS with your more novice friends.

Please tell your friends, favorite blogs, and social media spheres to go to - sign up, and download. Remember, signing up and downloading directly from is key - it helps us show the pent-up demand for Android on the PC. Uploading copies of Console OS to file sharing sites, not so much (so please don't do that).

We've done a few things to help make sharing Console OS with your friends a bit easier.

First, we've repackaged DR1 in an easier-to-install bundle. We've updated some of the bundled apps too. However, we don't recommend you reinstall DR1 if you already have it.

Second, we've revamped the Console OS Wiki to make it more novice-friendly.

Third, we've updated the entire workflow of downloading and accessing Console OS to clearly define where it works well, and give you the resources to keep it running great too. Just tell people to and you can sign up and download in just a couple minutes!

Finally, we want to thank everyone who has already signed up and started using the Console OS Forums. They're off to a great start. We've seen some great tips, tricks, and solutions... a few of which we didn't even know about!

As we mentioned, backers will continue to get exclusive first access to Lollipop builds soon after we return from MWC and do a bit more validation and testing. Once we stabilize Lollipop across our target devices, we'll resume adding Pro features... as the vast majority of backers voted for us to do.

Say Hello to Console, Inc.

This week, we submitted paperwork with the state of California to begin changing our name from Mobile Media Ventures, Inc to something... a bit more fitting. This isn't going to happen in a day, so please bear with us.

We like the name Console, Inc. and we've decided to adopt it. It really symbolizes what we're working hard on every day - both Console OS and iConsole™ hardware.

We have set up a great new corporate homepage that will guide us through this transition,

Please note that we're the same team, same company, same corporation... we're just gearing up to change our name to something a lot better.

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