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29 | Oct 23 2015 | Circling Back to Core
Hi everyone. The whole team at Console, Inc. has been hard at work… and we wanted to share some good news.

Today we’re announcing that next month we will resume shipping Console OS with Android™ Lollipop, with full support for Intel Core & Core M processors - including most 4th & 5th Generation “Haswell” & “Broadwell” machines.

What we have done, engineering-wise, is performed the equivalent of a mind-meld between the two Android for x86 kernels out there - Android-x86 and Android-IA. In doing so, we’ve created our own Board Support Platform (BSP), which is basically an engine that we can license to OEMs.

Delivering on our commitment.
Delivering on our commitment.
How We're Making This Happen

Essentially - we’re uniting these two very different Android solutions, bringing the best of both worlds together. Powerful, stable Intel Architecture production drivers, with the community kernel that Android-x86 supports.

As we have mentioned/bemoaned… a few days after our Kickstarter campaign ended last year, Intel informed us that they suspended development of Android on Core processors. With over 300,000 people downloading our early-access, KitKat-era release this year, we’ve shown the demand for such a solution. Now, we’ve built the solution ourselves - adapting Intel’s Atom driver sets and components to work with Core CPUs, and Core graphics.

Consistent with our commitments to Google and others, hardware that we ship will still be Android-first. But Console OS as a product, will continue on with optional dual-boot functionality. And, as an open source project - one that we will now aggressively work with both the open source community, and PC makers on.

These advances were not easily won, and will take an extra 2-3 weeks for us to slipstream in to our open-source payload. We’re doing a lot of rebasing and tuning right now. Frankly, we weren’t sure we would be able to pull this off, in an Android-compatible manner, until the past couple of weeks.

This also means Console OS will deliver some of the first unique build targets for dozens more systems… including all of our original Kickstarter device goals. And now, we’ll begin supporting some cutting edge Core M 2-in-1’s and Ultrabooks.

We know you want a release date. We are back to staging on GitHub, and we don’t expect any further vendor delays. We expect (again, expect) builds to be available within the next 30 days.

For Kickstarter backers, you will get Console OS Pro builds - with all the extra features we’ve planned, along with firmware updates, app stores, and much more, for free. Next month, we expect to begin selling Console OS Pro for $9.99 - with a free future upgrade to Marshmallow included.

Looking Ahead

Longer term, we’re turning our focus back to hardware. Things like Console OS, to us, were a means to an end. Now that we have Console OS working on Core processors - we can begin to innovate in the ways we really have wanted to, all along.

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