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30 | Oct 29 2015 | Android & Chrome OS Are Merging. And We Couldn't Be Happier.
Widespread reports broke out late today that Google intends to merge Android and Chrome OS. Let's set the record straight: We've been hoping for this, for a long time.

While a lot of startups go out and say Google is "validating" their market, right before being squashed... this isn't the case here. Let's go technically into why.

We have always wanted to be the AMG of Android on the PC. It has been in our pitch deck for a long time (sorry, we can't share that deck online... legal won't let us). We have never wanted to go it alone with Android on the PC.

For one, it makes our job terribly rough. Intel pulling the plug for Android on Core processors is a great example. AMD thinking Android doesn't make sense on x86 is another. For the past year, we've had to do the grunt work that, frankly, we shouldn't have had to.

We (and the community) had to rewire Android's kernel and support PC silicon support ourselves, for our Lollipop release next month. AMG doesn't do that. They take an awesome Mercedes-Benz car, and make it insanely awesome. That's what we want to do.

Android and Chrome OS are built per-device. They're built for each PC. Even if Google shipped a one-click download of Android that was "generic" - it wouldn't change our mandate. We are the Cyanogen of Android PC. Cyanogen has no problem with Android on phones - they thrive strongly because of it. So will we with Google supporting Android on the PC.

Our release of Console OS with Android is on-track for next month. We just watched three movies straight in HD on it, over HDMI, from an Intel Core 2-in-1. We will take that technology, and use it to push the limits of Android. We now just won't have to fight tooth-and-nail to build the engine - we can focus on extending to the insanely awesome devices that push the limits... and support your favorite PC that didn't get blessed with Android in the process.

Today was a good day for us - anyone that says otherwise, is dead wrong.

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