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32 | Jan 2 2016 | Coming Next Month: Console Developer Rewards
We promised in our last update, that we would announce this week our first major initiative for giving back to the open-source community - rewarding them to work alongside us on our new path forward.

Aside from Google’s Nexus Player, and the Minnowboard MAX, there really aren’t any devices in the x86 arena that are buildable officially. Not really any tablets or phones - what Android is supposed to be about... We're already working on fixing that with our reboot of Console OS, forking the Android-x86 kernel, and re-articulating it to build per-device.

Now, we need to incentivize people to fix and improve them - alongside our work of course...we've already started this year with new device-specific adaptations and new/improved Intel graphics drivers, bringing the best parts of Android-IA back to the tablet sector. We have more work to do there, but that doesn't mean we have to go it alone.

Similar to other community ROM efforts for Android, Console OS on GitHub will have individual device community managers - working alongside us internally at Console. But we can do even more.

Rewarding Indie Android Builders

Security experts get paid to find security bugs and exploits in code. Uber and Lyft drivers get paid for taking others with them, on their normal commutes to work. But what do independent open-source software developers get?

Usually, nothing. Let’s fix that.

Console Developer Rewards is a new initiative aimed at sparking developer interest in Android on PC efforts in the x86 and IA arena. There are thousands of people, every day, building AOSP. But nearly all of them are doing it on ARM. We think there are clear reasons why, one of which is just limited access to hardware.

How will Console Developer Rewards work?

You, the non-corporate coder, contribute code to one of several community Android projects targeting x86. Even if they aren’t ours, and even if they don't like us!

Then, you forward the code contributions to us. We tally your work, and reward the top contributors each month.

The exact rewards, and process for documenting and forwarding your work to us, will be announced in the coming weeks. You won't have to commit code to our GitHub, Console OS will be just one of many projects supported by this initiative. Rewards will be announced monthly at the start of each cycle.

Agent for Change

Console Developer Rewards is a test for us. It’s a pet project we’ve wanted to do for over a year now.

But it’s also something we hope to make a force for good. Open-source developers that don’t get a paycheck from a big tech company, deserve to get something for their hard work. They deserve more than just a warm fuzzy feeling. Those big tech companies benefit in the billions from your hard work. It’s time for them to contribute back to you.

We’re going to help put the pressure on those companies to put real rewards into the community for you to benefit from as you code and develop.

Coming Next Month

We’re announcing the broad strokes of this initiative today, we expect it to go live next month. We already have some great rewards lined up, and our goal is to give away thousands of dollars worth of rewards every month.

To be clear, no Kickstarter funds will be used for this initiative. Not one penny. Industry partners will provide the rewards, and we'll join in as well once we resume shipping downloads.

If you work for an x86 device maker, you can help. If you build x86 hardware, and you think it could work better with Android - reach out to us. We’re running this program on sweat equity, but we need the industry to sponsor specific goals, rewards, and targets beside our own. We already have some substantial rewards lined up, but we need a steady stream to keep it going.

We don’t want to make Console Developer Rewards just a program to serve our own ends, we want to make it something that the entire x86 industry participates with us in. So if you’re in that field, get in touch with us.

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